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ATD ICE 2017

ATD ICE 2017

Business RadioX was at the ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition conducting interviews and discussing best practices for talent development professionals. The ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition is the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide.


Day 3


Kevin Yates

Kevin Yates stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about the role analytics plays in L&D.



Dianne Young

Jackson and Coker’s Dianne Young stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about L&D industry trends.



Margaret Clarkson

Margaret Clarkson stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about ATD NYC and professional development.



Paul Smith

Paul Smith stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about how structured on-the-job training works at the Waldinger Corporation.



Amy Corcoran and  Topher Olsen 

Toper Olsen and Amy Corcoran stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss employee development and the onboarding process at Alliance Residential Corporation.



Day 2


Addy Thomas

Addy Thomas stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about Cisco’s Leadership and Team Intelligence organization.



Anitra Manning

Anitra Manning stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about talent development in the philanthropic sector and at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.



Andy Goldstrom

Midcourse Advisors’ Andy Goldstrom stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about inspiring higher performance in teams.



David Gates

David Gates stopped by our booth ATD ICE 2017 to talk about learning delivery at Fiserv.



Calvin Ng

Calvin Ng stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss new hire orientation and Millennials.



Kim Ziprik

Kim Ziprik stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about NASCO’s VUCA Leadership program.



Lynne Key

Nielsen’s Lynne Key stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about how interns can drive innovation and insight.



Matt Hirst

GameStop’s Matt Hirst stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss portable leadership in the L&D arena.



Mike Thompson

ATD Dallas President Mike Thompson stopped by ATD ICE 2017 to discuss professional development.



Steve Parkins

Steve Parkins from GameStop stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss large-scale learning transformation.



Wanda Hayes

Wanda Hayes stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to talk about Emory University’s Emerging Leaders leadership development program.



Molly Hill

Molly Hill from Starbucks stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss L&D industry trends.



Day 1


Adia Smith

Adia Smith from CSL Plasma stopped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss creating training programs for Millennials and Generation Z.



Bill Treasurer

Noted author and speaker Bill Treasurer dropped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss his latest book “Leadership Kick in the A**.”



Brian Noble

Korn Ferry’s Brian Noble visited our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss employee engagement and healthcare.



Larry Mohl

Founder and CEO of Jubi, Inc. Larry Mohl dropped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss modern learning.



Mike Kunkle

Mike Kunkle spoke at ATD ICE 2017 about transforming results with a systems approach to sales.



Scott Comptois

Scott Comptois from Sealed Air Corp. discussed L&D industry trends while he was at ATD ICE 2017.



Matt Sharpless and Jeff Schreiber

Matt Sharpless and Jeff Schreiber dropped by our booth at ATD ICE 2017 to discuss training delivery methods at Synchrony Financial.



Scott Nutter

During ATD ICE 2017, Scott Nutter discussed how mobile works into Delta Air Lines’ overall L&D strategy.



ATD Atlanta Employee Learning Week 2016 Celebration


David Adelman, Jeanette Wheatley and Robb Bingham

Champions of Learning

ATD Atlanta Employee Learning Week 2016 Celebration




Jeanette Wheatley / Skillsoft
Regional Account Executive

LinkedIn     Twitter     Facebook



Robb Bingham / Converging Solutions
Learning Strategist / 2017 President, ATD Atlanta

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Tim Kinsey with Verizon Telematics


David Adelman and Tim Kinsey


Tim Kinsey / Verizon Telematics
Senior Manager, Learning & Development

Tim Kinsey is known as an innovative and resourceful Learning & Development leader, providing both strategic and creative direction for all aspects of training organizations: design, delivery, knowledge management and communication.  Currently with Verizon Telematics, Tim has over 16 years’ experience in the L&D world, in the areas of retail, insurance, call center, technology, and senior leader coaching.  He’s originally from Mobile, Alabama and has called Atlanta home since 1989.


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Jason Holland with NCR


Jason Holland / NCR

Jason Holland is the services technical learning leader for NCR Corp., the  global leader in consumer transaction technologies. Processing more than  485 million transactions a day and with more than 30,000 employees globally,  NCR is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Jason has  more than 10 years’ experience in NCR’s learning division. In his current role,  he is responsible for leading the global services technical learning team,  focusing on field-based service technicians, service operation centers, and  other critical technical roles. Jason originally joined NCR in 2000 as a service  technician. He then moved into learning. Over the past 15+ years with NCR,  he has served as a technician, instructor, course developer, and learning  business partner. His primary focus has been on process improvement,  NCR’s financial and retail products, and mobile-enabled performance support  tools.



TrainingPros Consultants Alicia Mintz, Elise Santana, and Trish Thorne


Lee Kantor, Trish Thorne, Elise Santana, Dave Adelman, Stone Payton and Alicia Mintz


Learning Insights Radio provides case studies, lessons learned, and leading-edge business practices from learning leaders and TrainingPros Relationship Managers across the country.



Alicia Mintz / Training Pros Consultant 
Consultant/Freelancer, Program Coordinator for GRC ATL, and Artist


Elise Santana / Training Pro Consultant
Senior Instructional Designer at Designex Enterprises, LLC


Trish Thorne / Training Pros Consultant
President at SuccessPartners.Biz 




Shawn Minard with Ultimate Software

LeadUS – Leadership Development at Ultimate Software



Shawn Minard  / Ultimate Software 
Director of Talent Development


Shawn has over 12 years’ experience in the field of Talent Development.  He specializes in designing professional development courses and large-scale talent programs for corporations. Previously, as a learning professional at E*TRADE Financial, Shawn held a wide range of roles including Corporate Trainer, Project Manager, Manager, and then Director of Talent Management.    Currently Shawn serves Ultimate Software as the Director of Talent Development where he drives company values, culture, and philosophy through the creation of strategic Talent Management and Leadership programs.





Lee Kantor, Leigh Anne Lankford, Kelly Payton, Stone Payton, Shawn Minard







Also joining us from TrainingPros is Leigh Anne Lankford.





Julie Johnson with Xerox and Brett Rose with Delta


Leigh Anne Lankford, Brett Rose and Julie Johnson



Julie Johnson is a Service Delivery Leader at Xerox Learning. Driving service  delivery and ensuring client satisfaction, she is a trusted advisor to client  executives. Julie manages day to day internal operations including resource  management, revenue and cost; provides learning strategy, innovation and  thought leadership consultation; and builds relationships to drive strategic  learning initiatives in alignment with client business strategy and goals.  Julie came to Xerox as an accomplished professional with extensive  experience in the development, implementation, and management of  organizational, leadership and human resource strategies for the private and  non-profit sectors. She has an impressive track record of innovation and  results during 15+ years in leadership and consultative roles to support  organizational and individual capacity building. She is an expert in building  collaborative relationships, gaining buy-in for new ideas, advancing  technology engagement, and driving strategic projects through complex  organizations with cross-functional teams. Julie is experienced in managing  multimillion-dollar budgets; and leading and managing staff to deliver best  practices for workforce transformation.  Julie is PMP certified and a member of the Project Management Institute,  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and the Association for Talent Development.



Brett Rose is a Program Manager on the Integrated Learning Team at Delta Air Lines. This team, as part of the corporate HR function, works with various  departments and the operational divisions of Delta to drive strategy and  adoption of training technology, manage vendor relationships and provide  design and development services.  Brett manages the training design and development relationship with Xerox;  coordinates instructional design project resources; and, most recently,  provides training and support for a new Learning Content Management  System (LCMS).  He has successfully worked with and led teams in higher education,  government, military, and corporate settings. Brett has over 15 years of  experience in distance education, media development, and elearning, and  project management, along with a passion for creative problems solving,  collaboration, and process improvement.



Melissa Walker with NextCareer

Melissa Walker from NextCareer stopped by our Dallas studio to discuss how Fortune 1000 companies are leveraging the talent of U.S. veterans.

Melissa is a highly motivated Human Resource leader with 13 years of proven success in developing and maintaining strategic business partnerships to align business needs to HR strategy. Through Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Transition Resource Planning, Process Management, Compensation/Total Rewards, Organization Design and Change management she has successfully delivered high value through the enterprise. Melissa uses her ability to influence others based on leadership skills and analytics to achieve strong results, build solid relationships to help navigate the transformation in the insurance industry. Her career emphasis is to develop and maintain human resource services that surpass corporate objectives while maintaining high ethical standards.