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Theda Riggins-Crawford with Fiserv

LIJoin us for a conversation with a Training Magazine 2014 Emerging Leader Award-Winner as she talks about the professional development project behind the award. Learn about her global implementation of the Oz Principle.

Theda Riggins-Crawford / Fiserv Digital Channels Division

Theda has 10+ years of experience in the L&D field. Her passion is around being a leader in what you do, turning a manager title into the motivation for others to follow you. She has proven outstanding leadership qualities with strong executive relationships. She has a global and multi-disciplined background in the development and delivery of core business skills training along with leadership and management training. Her extensive background includes, but is not limited to customer service, accountability, technical application, and talent retention training with strong global client relationships. Additionally, she is a Certified Instructional Designer.

In her spare time she enjoys family and close friends, writings songs, singing, rollerskating and doing volunteer work.