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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Learning Insights

Michele Catalano with West Monroe Partners

Michele Catalano / West Monroe Partners

Michele is a Talent Development Manager with West Monroe Partners. Michele is a talented professional with extensive experience in all aspects of curriculum development, including: needs assessment, instructional design, and comprehensive evaluation. She has direct experience with curriculum design for sales and management; orientation program creation; facilitation; and measurement of behavior implementation and business impact of learning interventions.

Michele’s specialties include: Curriculum management, facilitation, instructional design, training evaluation.



Bill Cupuro, Global Sales Enablement Program Manager

Bill Cupuro

Bill is Global Sales Enablement Program Manager with a small, fast-growing software company.  Bill is an expert adult educator with over 15 years experience in training delivery, courseware creation, project management and cutting edge innovation. His audiences have included sales, presages, postsales, support, customers and strategic partners from all across the globe.

Bill’s specialties include: Curriculum development and training, meeting facilitation, public speaking, and certification creation.



Kelly Dowd with InnerWorkings

Kelly Dowd / InnerWorkings

Kelly is a Training and Development Specialist with InnerWorkings. Kelly brings solutions to an organization’s workforce by empowering employees to find their own answers. To reach viable solutions, we must first embrace our challenges with unwavering transparency and courage. Kelly will help you do this.

She believes in an interactive approach to learning. The best answers are the ones we reach ourselves. Kelly’s background in communication, curriculum development, and facilitation give her the ideal skill set for an organization. Her unique approaches to learning, takes into account various communication styles and learning preferences. She does not believe in a one size fits all approach. The learning experience must be shaped to fit a department’s needs and performance objectives.



Sarah Finch and Sue Mackey with YMCA

Sarah Finch and Sue Mackey / YMCA

Sara is a Leadership Development Manager with YMCA. Sarah shares her passion and experience in theatre to help others connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively. Through interactive workshops, engaging presentations and individual coaching, she has helped clients like Deloitte, GE, Kraft, Abbott, Goldman Sachs, Major League Baseball and the IRS for over 15 years.

Sarah loves to get people thinking, talking and laughing and has been the keynote speaker at many conferences, including the closing keynote address at the ASTD (American Society for Training and Developments) 2010 International Conference.

Sue Mackey is Senior Director of Talent Management at YMCA. Sue is a strategic, highly collaborative professional with a proven ability to design and develop tactical foundational processes and tools to attract, develop and retain top talent. She has substantial experience managing stakeholders at all levels of an organization to achieve consensus and influence decision making to obtain results.

Sue has a track record of leading and developing highly diverse teams and leveraging data to obtain insights to establish priorities, set objectives and deliver the tools and resources to organizational stakeholders that will enable staff to perform at their highest potential. She is a creative problem solver with the depth of experience in all areas of career and leadership development to lead effective teams and partner with stakeholders to execute a comprehensive talent acquisition, retention and succession strategy to drive organizational results.



Angela Moustis with

Angela Moustis /

Angela is a Trainer & Instructional Designer with She has a passion for helping people realize their full potential and achieve all that they aspire to achieve. Her latest role puts her in a position to do just that. Angela focuses on dynamic training programs that stimulate, inspire, and educate employees on what it takes to succeed in today’s business world.



Jill Zimmerman with Mercer

Jill Zimmerman / Mercer

An accomplished HR Executive, with more than 30 years of demonstrated success assisting organizations align their talent and business strategy. Known for leadership in developing comprehensive, cost effective and best practice talent acquisition, development, management and inclusion strategies and solutions.

Currently, Jill is Partner,Chief Talent & Diversity Officer responsible for the Global Talent and Diversity and Inclusion strategy for Mercer. Jill and her team build and consult on the Global people strategy, programs, processes and tools to build the talent pipeline, develop key capabilities, create an engaged workforce, fully utilize Mercer’s diversity and ensure inclusion, and optimize the effectiveness of the leaders and managers at all levels.Jill bridges Mercer’s external consulting work with the internal by leveraging Mercer’s Talent Consulting expertise and by expanding offerings, to position Mercer as best at talent.



John Fitzpatrick with Avalon Foster Group and Maryland ATD

John Fitzpatrick / Avalon Foster Group and  Maryland ATD

John has worked with over 300 companies at providing employee learning solutions targeted at reaching strategic business objectives. His direct experience spans healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, professional services, and state and local governments. His business initiatives encompass everything from systems modernization to change management, organizational realignment, business processes innovation, new technology adoption, and educational support systems for internal and external customers. John is passionate about corporate learning and has enjoyed the challenge of helping clients develop strategies to remove barriers to performance through the strategic application of talent development, technology, and change management tactics.

Over the span of his career, he has initiated several private-public partnerships with Universities and Colleges to enrich the services provided to corporate clients and for broader industry needs. His practical results driven approach comes from his insight into solving business challenges through the mutual application of processes improvements, applied technology and a talented workforce.

John was awarded the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award by the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association and the Duquesne University School of Business from which he has also received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. John has consulted and led executive workshops and seminars for many Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to founding Avalon Foster, John was President of PCIQ Enterprise Learning and served as a Senior Consultant for Delta Development Group.

Specialties:Executive management and supervision, new business development, P&L responsibility, staffing, budgeting and finance, engagement management, IT project management, joint ventures and alliances, cross functional team management, e-learning technology solutions, organizational development, workforce development programs and processes, public funding attainment, economic incentives negotiation.