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Terri Maske and Lisa Edmondson with Infor


Terri Maske and Lisa Edmondson/Infor

How do you ensure that your channel partners are proficient in selling, implementing, and providing service for your product? You certify them! In this discussion, Terri Maske of Infor and Lisa Edmondson – a consultant for Infor through TrainingPros, discuss what goes into creating a certification program for your partners.

Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations and drive growth.




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Susan O’Connell with Habitat for Humanity International


David Adelman with TrainingPros and Susan O'Connell with Habitat for Humanity

Susan O’Connell/Habitat for Humanity International

Susan O’Connell is a fifteen year veteran in the learning field, leading and advising on strategic and cost-effective learning programs that develop staff skills, enhance productivity, and support organizational change.

In 2009, she successfully transitioned from the Fortune 50 business setting to the international non-profit sector where she played a key role in increasing online course enrollments by 50% over a one-year period. Susan serves as the Learning and Organizational Development Manager with Habitat for Humanity International.  She holds a Master of Education in Human Resource and Organizational Development from the University of Georgia.




Today’s show is brought to you by TrainingPros.

Tom Karl and Adam Alexander with Mastery Works

Tom Karl and Adam Alexander/Mastery Works

Tom Karl and Adam Alexander with Mastery Works discuss how companies with great career development initiatives have been able to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors by engaging and retaining employees, and by aligning talent with future business needs.





Today’s show is brought to you by TrainingPros.