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Beth Schumaker with BrightStar Leadership Consulting

March 13, 2013 3:18 pm

Beth Schumaker/BrightStar Leadership Consulting

Beth Schumaker is Senior Partner with BrightStar Leadership Consulting. BrightStar Master Coaches, Executive Consultants, and Expert Trainers work with leaders and teams to identify opportunities for improvement and to deliver business results. Beth has over twenty years of experience in training and organizational development in a variety of roles: training strategy leader, training consultant; performance coach, trainer, and line manager with many Fortune 500 companies, including BellSouth, AT&T, and Cox Communications. She is certified and master certified in over 50 leadership and sales courses, and has trained thousands of senior, mid-level, and front line managers. In addition, she has certified and master certified many trainers and provided on-going performance coaching. Beth understands the importance of the trainer in maximizing an organization’s return on training investment.




Today’s show is brought to you by TrainingPros.


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