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Regina Owens with LHC Group

November 14, 2012 2:21 pm

Regina Owens/LHC Group

Regina Owens is a Senior Instructional Designer for LHC Group, one of the nation’s leading home health and hospice care companies. The needs of patients are top priority at LHC. Their comprehensive program of homecare, rehabilitation and hospice services centers on the unique needs of each patient. Putting the patient first has helped LHC become a leading resource for physicians and families for those needing homecare.

Regina has worked in the field of healthcare for 30 years, 22 of which has been the area of homecare. She is an instructional designer with 12 years’ experience in designing and developing comprehensive learning solutions for home healthcare employees. Regina has worked for two of the nation’s leading providers of home healthcare services. Her roles have included instructional design, content development, strategic planning, project management, evaluation, and facilitation. As an instructional designer, Regina has developed courses on clinical topics, awarding continuing education credits for nurses and therapist, as well as courses on technology and system operations, regulatory and compliance, and leadership development. She developed and implemented a web-based facilitator training and certification program to enhance learning outcomes. She also designed and implemented an instructor-lead facilitator training and certification program to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to enhance the facilitators’ effectiveness and create a consistent learning experience for company associates. As a training project manager, she has managed diverse teams, vendors, and consultants. Regina developed a vendor review and ranking system to streamline and enhance the due diligence process for collaborating with external resources.

Regina has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration, and certifications in Instructional Design, Web-Base Content Development, Project Management, Graphic Design, and On-line Teaching.




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